Since fall 2018, I work with Prof. Christoph Schenker and Michael Günzburger for the Institute for Contemporary Art Research IFCAR/ZHdK on the SNF research project „Hands-on“ on documenting and conveying artistic-technical processes in print. The project will run until end of 2021.

Pursuit of Wonders

Andreas Züst worked for ETH Zurich in Greenland in the early 1970s as part of the North Water project. From this research stay until his untimely death in 2000, the artist photographed ice in its most diverse forms, wherever he encountered them. A selection from this extensive collection, edited by me and designed by Studio Krispin Heé, is now appearing as a publication, supplemented by texts by the filmmaker Peter Mettler, the cultural scientist Verena Kuni and the artists Jimena Croceri and Sarina Scheidegger.

„Pursuit of Wonders“ was published by Edition Patrick Frey in August 2020.

Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

Until February 2022 I am Artist in Residence at the Pathshala South Asian Media Institute in Dhaka, initially online, later on location. The residency is accompanied by the collaborative artistic research project Chapakhana Archive, which was shown for the first time at the photo biennial Chobi Mela „Shunno“ in Dhaka.

SAFFA 1928

Together with Marilin Brun I'm working until end of 2021 on an Artist Book and an exhibition on the section „Kunst und Kunstgewerbe“ of SAFFA 1928 (Swiss exhibition for women's work 1928). Details will follow.

Pro Helvetia Research Residency

As part of a Pro Helvetia Research Residency, I will be (artistically) researching community art and artistic-feminist projects in Nepal for a month. The trip will also serve as preparation for a publication on the radical art education of Doris Stauffer (to be published in collaboration with Chantal Küng and Simone Koller). The travel dates are still open due to the current situation (Covid).


Mara Züst

FH Visual Communication – ZHdK
MA History of Art and Photography – History of Modern Era – UZH

Born in 1976, Mara Züst lives with her family in Zurich. She holds a diploma in Design (Visual Communication FH/Theorie der Gestaltung und Kunst, ZHdK), a Masters in Art History with a minor in Modern History from the University of Zurich and a CAS Arts and International Cooperation (ZHdK). She works as an artist, mediator, author and researcher and is the person in charge of the estate of Andreas Züst which runs the Bibliothek Andreas Züst, Oberegg.

The central element of my work relates to developing original concepts for artistic and cultural endevours. These are mostly in the form of texts, books, exhibitions, literary events and workshops or a combination of them. To realize these concepts into the diverse forms they take, I work closely with professionals from various fields such as visual communication, photography, computer programming as well as the arts, and crafts like printings and wood work. Thematically, my interests are diverse and range from an aesthetic exploration of mundane phenomenons to artistic researches on book design and printing techniques, as well as the work of individual artists or designers.

Prizes and Nominations:

2020: Research-scholarship by Pro Helvetia for Nepal

2019: Kolkata—City of Print is awarded the Walter Tiemann Main Prize

2018: Grant by Pro Helvetia for the project „Mini-Zine-Library“

2016: „Doris Stauffer. Eine Monografie“ awarded Shortlist Wettbewerb „Die schönsten deutschen Bücher 2016“

2014: Research-scholarship by Pro Helvetia for Kolkata (India)

2011: Photobook „Himmel“ awarded „Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher 2011" (The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011)

2011: Photobook „Himmel“ nominated for the International Photobook Award 2012

2010: Scenography from the exhibtion „Andreas bis Züst – Eine Bibliothek auf Wanderschaft“ shortlisted for the Swiss Design Award 2009

2009: „Memorizer – Der Sammler Andreas Züst" awarded „Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher 2009“ (The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2009)

1957 – An HET ANDRE BEHR PAMFLET by Andreas Züst

The Andreas Züst Estate includes several diaries that the artist used, in his early ...

Aus der Tiefe des Raumes

In 2007, the exhibition „Aus der Tiefe des Raumes“ (From the Depths of Space) was developed in collaboration with ...

Ausstellungen (Exhibitions)

At regular intervals exhibitions take place, whether from the estate of Andreas Züst or Mara Züsts own ...

Bibliothek Andreas Züst

Beginning in 2003, the Züst Estate’s 10,400 books were classified by Plinio Bachmann and inventoried by ...

Bibliothek Andreas Züst – Mediation

Since 2016 an expansion of the art mediation programme offered by the Bibliothek Andreas Züst is ...

Cats on trees – Exercises in the art of installation

The project „Cats on Trees” emerged, in collaboration with Habib Afsar and Luis Züst, as part of ...

Cibachrome – Edition VFO

„Cibacrome“ was created for the winter 2014/15 Edition of VFO. The portfolio includes work from the artists ...

Doris Stauffer – The Book

Produced during the period summer 2013 to autum 2015, a publication about the artist, art educator and feminist Doris Stauffer (1934–2017) titled „Doris Stauffer. A Monograph“ was ...

Doris Stauffer – The Exhibition

At the invitation of the Zurich off-space Les Complice the exhibition „Doris Stauffer – der januar ...

Ein Buch bei Nacht

Originating from the question of what happens to books at night and in an intimate tête-à-tête, the project ...

Eine zweite „Print Renaissance“? (A second „Print Renaissance“?)

The following research was undertaken in the context of Master's course in art history at the University of Zurich. It takes, as subject, the possibility of a a second „Print Renaissance“ in the lithography and print works of Thomi Wolfensberger ...


In the fall of 2020, Kunsthaus Luzern hosted the monothematic exhibition „Andreas Züst. Eis“. At the center of ...

Expanding Universe

The exhibition „Expanding Universe“ (2011/12), composed of work from the Estate of Andreas Züst and installed at ...

Fluorescent seas of fog

The book „Fluorescent Seas of Fog“ includes the most important component of Andreas Züst’s ...

Hier die Wolken!

Following an invitation from Art Exposure India in Kolkata, works by Andreas Züst and Mara Züst were presented ...


One of the indisputable cores of Andreas Züst’s artistic legacy is „Himmel“ (Heaven), a multimedia ...


Concept Website: Samuel Bänziger und Olivier Hug, Bänziger Hug GmbH
Texts: Mara ...

Irene Lady Shiva

Irene Staub, also known as Lady Shiva, was a Zürich whore, artists’ muse, and ...

Knastzeichnungen – The Zine

June 2017 saw the exhibition „Prison Drawings“ in the off-space ICE, ZWOI, DRÜ consisting of drawings ...

Knastzeichnungen – The Exhibition

June 2017 saw the exhibition „Prison Drawings“ in the off-space EIS, ZWOI, DRU consisting of drawings ...


Kolkata—City of Print is a literary essay by Mara Züst ...


While the publication Kolkata-City of Print …

Memorizer – The Book

A comprehensive catalogue was compiled to complement the „Memorizer – Der Sammler Andreas Züst“ (Memorizer – The Collector Andreas Züst) exhibition at ...

Memorizer – The Exhibition

In 2004, Andreas Züst's collection was put on permanent loan to the Aargauer Kunsthaus. In 2009, ...

Menschen Tiere Abenteuer – The Book

The book „Menschen Tiere Abenteuer“ presents a collection of about 350 photographs taken by Andreas Züst from 1973 to 1983 ...

Menschen Tiere Abenteuer – The Exhibitions

Based on research conducted for the book „Menschen Tiere Abenteuer“, the 79-piece work group, supplemented by paintings and other ...

Météorologies mentales

In the spring of 2012, the Centre culturel suisse in Paris presented an exhibition of artwork from ...


With the support of local artists and institutions in Kolkata (India), Lahore (Pakistan), and Langnau a. A. (Switzerland) ...

Nachlass Andreas Züst (Estate of Andreas Züst)

When Andreas Züst – a photographer, painter, art collector, social butterfly, publisher, film producer, bibliophile, scientist, and patron of the arts – passed away ...

Nacht – Das Buch (Night – The Book)

Eighty slides from a slide carousel, entitled „Nacht“ (Night) and taken from ...


In the summer of 2011 the idea developed to create a slideshow of Andreas Züst’s „Nacht“ (Night) in ...

Press (Selected)

The following articles and reports were published in conjunction with the projects and initiatives featured on this site:



Published by Edition Patrick Frey in the fall of 2020, „Pursuit of Wonders“ brings together various photographs ...


In winter 2012–13 and spring 2013 two slideshows derived from the Andreas Züst Archive were presented at Zurich's Club ...

Technique & Sentiment

In winter 2012–13 and at the invitation of CAN (Centre d’art Neuchâtel), the Andreas Züst Library was displayed as part of the exhibition ...


A selection of various texts produced through different projects can be found ...

The Palace of Perfect

„The Palace of Perfect“, an installation with books from the Bibliothek Andreas Züst originated as a tribute to American artist James Lee Byars ...

Von Andreas bis Züst – Eine Bibliothek auf Wanderschaft (From Andreas To Züst – A Library's Journey)

Anticipating the move of the Bibliothek Andreas Züst, the idea arose to arrange a sort of travelling tour, and for the library to make stops along ...

Workshops, lectures, presentations

On a regular basis guided tours, workshops and subject-specific lectures in connection with ...

Would you rather...

In collaboration with Christoph Elias Meier, a reinterpretation of the children's book classic ...